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U.S. Mexico Corridor

U.S. Mexico Corridor

With proper planning, navigating the road to Mexico can be a rewarding venture. Having a clear market entry strategy and understanding the best options to enter the Mexican market is the first key step. Once entry is determined, organizations need to develop a financing strategy and align themselves with partners who are adept at securing financing in the Mexican market and, in parallel, legal and tax structures should be reviewed with experts familiar with the local market laws and systems. Finally, before commencing operations in Mexico, firms need to create an operational implementation plan that establishes the new policies, processes, talent, and technology required to begin operations.

KPMG’s U.S. International Corridors network of local and in-country professionals collaborates with organizations serving companies that are investing and doing business in the region to provide our clients insights and assistance in gaining local knowledge and developing success strategies. Our mission is to bring all KPMG capabilities to the needs of Mexican companies operating in the U.S. and U.S. companies operating in Mexico.


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