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Healthcare strategy

Healthcare strategy

KPMG's Healthcare Strategy team can help light the way to effective regulatory strategy and implementation.

KPMG's Healthcare Strategy team can help light the way to effective regulatory.

The U.S. healthcare system continues to be in a state of flux, creating a host of challenges and opportunities for regulators, industry, and consumers. Federal agencies are in a unique position to develop and drive implementation of reform policies, many of which will impact millions of Americans.

Applying our cross-industry perspective to the healthcare system, we strive to deliver consistently superior and innovative results that positively impact the business of our clients, accelerating and enhancing the value of federal policies and programs.

We combine our understanding of the pace and complexity of change occurring in healthcare with our ability to anticipate challenges. In doing so, we help enable the government to move forward with efficient and effective health policy implementation.

KPMG’s Healthcare Strategy team helps clients achieve healthcare regulatory transformation through:

  • Policy Research and Analysis
    KPMG conducts objective analyses and provides insight using data analytics to inform policy decisions that result in more timely, cost-effective and widely accepted outcomes.
  • Regulatory Strategy
    KPMG’s regulatory strategy capabilities are the precursors to implementing highly visible programs that may require the integration of multiple services and technologies, and involve stakeholders spanning the public and private sectors.
  • Implemenation Support
    Through integrated delivery teams, KPMG combines our practical, real-world implementation experience with our professionals trained in health policy, law, economics, finance, actuarial science, statistics, and data science to help our clients achieve results. Applying our Healthcare Strategy services, we enable our clients to successfully implement transformative legislation and regulations.


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