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Federal Healthcare

Federal Healthcare

Helping agencies deliver quality care and programs

Helping agencies deliver quality care and programs

Federal Healthcare: challenges and uncertainties

Healthcare reform has now occupied the country for more than a decade. And the effort continues, with the new administration moving to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. Regardless of the outcome of this next step of legislative reform, the debate around how best to deliver and pay for healthcare isn’t going away.

Federal Health and Human Services, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Defense Health Agency aren’t immune from these developments. Instead, they are transforming to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements at the same time having to address the perennial challenges of quality of care, access, and transparency.

The U.S. healthcare industry consumes 17 percent or $3 trillion of the economy, consequently this transformation will have far-reaching consequences.

While a great amount of uncertainty exists around the direction of health care reform, we can be sure that federal healthcare agencies will continue to face significant challenges in all aspects of their operations.

  • How can they help their clients take ownership of their healthcare decisions?
  • How can they streamline their operations to make them more efficient so that they can deliver better, citizen-centric services?
  • How can they make sure taxpayers dollars are going toward healthcare for citizens? 
  • How can they use new technologies like intelligent automation, the Cloud, and blockchain to increase efficiencies and reduce costs?

No one knows what the next phase of healthcare will look like. What is clear is that federal agencies must begin to prepare for that future now.


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